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Rubber Mulch vs Wood Bark

If you're an avid gardener or are soon hoping to be one then you'll need to know about the battle of rubber mulch vs wood bark. While they both have great qualities we get an awful lot of questions about the benefits of using rubber mulch instead of wood bark, so that's what we'll explain today.  Initially the first query people always seem to have is "Rubber mulch is much more expensive than wood bark" - which of course is true. However, when you think about how often wood bark has to be topped up or replaced (roughly once a...

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Garden Designs from our Happy Customers

We're please to present some of our customers wonderful play and garden areas that have been created with our coloured Crumbz Rubber Chippings. If you'd like to see your creations features on our blog please send us your pictures to - alternatively you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.  

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How to Maintain your Crumbz Rubber

Crumbz rubber chippings can be used in so many different ways, from children play areas, to chicken runs and pathways - the possibilities are endless. As with anything you buy, weather you're a school, home or business, we know you'll want to ensure your investment stays in the best condition for many more years to come.  That's why we've created the Crumbz Guide to keep your rubber chip looking in it's very best condition, regardless of how often it used. Step One  When your Crumbz Rubber chips arrive and you have lay them out, you may think they look a...

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#CrumbzCompetition Crumbz Play Crumbz Rubber Play Area Rubber Chippings

It's the start of a new month, which can only mean one thing - our #CrumbzCompetition is officially over. We've had  an amazing response from our fabulous customers, with you ask sending in hundreds of your Crumbz Creations photos.  We've spent the weekend carefully looking through each picture to determine our winner, and finally the moment is upon us to share who it is.  But first here are a few of our fantastic entrants...  Anthony Williams, Birmingham                Carol Gould, Bristol              Clive Woolven, Dover        ...

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Why choose Crumbz Play in your play area?

Crumbz Play Crumbz Rubber Play Area Rubber Chippings Safety Features

Our rubber mulch is made entirely from recycled rubber tyres which have been finely shredded to create a safety surface for play areas and playgrounds. Crumbz Play is an excellent alternative to all wood chip applications. It is clean, colourful, environmentally friendly and keeps your children safe. If that's still not enough read on below to see why you should chose Crumbs Play for your play area.  It's Eco Friendly At the end of a tyres life span there's not much left for them other than being put into  a landfill, as they cannot be recycled into anything else. As our rubber...

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