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5 common rubber mulch mistakes

Rubber mulch is a safety surface commonly found in playgrounds and play areas. Created from recycled tyres that are shredded to appear like wood bark chippings.

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Choosing the right arena surface for your horse

We understand that when choosing the surface for your horses home and arena your main priorities will always be the comfort and safety of your horse. It's because we know how important this is that we take such care in ensuring our products are at the very highest standards possible, that's why we can assure you top quality equestrian surfacing, at the most competitive prices in the UK.  Why should you chose rubber chippings for your arena?  Our equestrian rubber chippings help to improve the feel and safety of riding schools and arenas. Whether your end goal is to protect...

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Getting Rid of Mud Once and For All!

Schools and nurseries with playgrounds created of mainly fields know all too well that mud can restrict play and outdoor learning. Even when it’s not raining, mud can still stop children from getting outside at break time. It’s a common problem that we see here at Crumbz Rubber. However there is one playground floor that could combat the mud and get your children playing outdoors more days out of the year, and that is a our fantastic Crumbz Play rubber chippings.  One of the best features of our rubber chippings, is that they can be installed directly onto hardened mud if this is preferred. In general the...

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The importance of safe playing surfaces for children

 A safe & suitable playground surface a key factor in reducing injuries that can occur from accidents with in the playground or play area. The surface - both underneath and around playground equipment (within the specified fall-space) should be free of standing water & debris and impact absorbing enough to soften any trips or falls. Although grass is commonly used as a basic surface for low-level equipment, it is worth bearing in mind that this type of surface becomes unsafe as soon as the grass starts to wear & thin. The underlying soil can also become compacted through high use...

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Chickens LOVE Crumbz Rubber

As we draw to the end of September, winter is quickly approaching. For most of us this means stocking up on hot chocolate and fluffy socks, however for some we must ensure our chickens are warm through the winter. Crumbz rubber chip doesn't hold on to any moisture, therefore cannot freeze or frost over when the temperatures suddenly drop. This ensures that your feathered friends are not stood in freezing or damp areas for prolonged periods of time, giving you piece of mind on even the coldest mornings of British winter. Crumbz chippings are approximately 20mm in size with a...

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