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Choosing the right arena surface for your horse

equestrian rubber chippings

We understand that when choosing the surface for your horses home and arena your main priorities will always be the comfort and safety of your horse. It's because we know how important this is that we take such care in ensuring our products are at the very highest standards possible, that's why we can assure you top quality equestrian surfacing, at the most competitive prices in the UK. 

Why should you chose rubber chippings for your arena? 

Our equestrian rubber chippings help to improve the feel and safety of riding schools and arenas. Whether your end goal is to protect the rider or reduce impact on your animals , crumbz arena is the most effective way to do so.

The 20mm sized rubber chips are made from recycled radial tyres and boast being 99.99% wire free by volume.

 A rubber surface requires much less maintenance than other traditional arena surfaces. One of the biggest advantages to equestrian rubber chippings is that they do not gold on to moisture and therefore will not freeze: a frozen arena is a huge problem for horse owners, who quite often want to ride early in the mornings, meaning many riders will lose out on valuable riding time. 

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Rubber is a longer lasting alternative to wood chip, and is less likely to become waterlogged or dry out. Rubber is unlikely to blow around in a strong wind. The most important point about rubber surfaces is they cannot be used entirely on their own. To achieve the perfect riding arena we recommend lining the school with silica sand and topping with our premium rubber chippings.

A typical 40m x 20m riding arena will require approximately 20 tonnes of crumbz arena chippings, to give the recommended 50mm layer on top of a 100mm sand base. If you're still not sure how much you will need you can use our coverage calculator here.

 equestrian rubber chippings

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