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Which safety surface is best for your play area?

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Our rubber mulch is made entirely from recycled rubber tyres which have been finely shredded to create a safety surface for play areas and playgrounds. Crumbz Play is an excellent alternative to all wood chip applications. It is clean, colourful, environmentally friendly and keeps your children safe. If that's still not enough read on below to see why you should chose Crumbs Play for your play area. 

  1. It's Eco Friendly

At the end of a tyres life span there's not much left for them other than being put into  a landfill, as they cannot be recycled into anything else. As our rubber chippings are made entirely from 100% shredded tyres, it has eco-friendly advantages such as reducing landfill and C0² emissions.

  1. We Have a Great Range of Colours 

It's not a secret that most safety features aren't pretty. From big orange life jackets to green florescent fire exit signs - and although it's necessary to stay safe, we so often just grin and bear it.  An aesthetic advantage of Crumbz Play is that it comes in a variety of colours, meaning you can use it to brighten up your play area or garden while being assures your children are safe. 

colourful rubber chippings

  1. They're Perfect for All Weathers 

Another great feature that Crumbz Play boasts is it's weather resistance. The dense material of the rubber chippings means that it wont be blown away during strong winds, nor will it freeze or frost over in extreme cold weathers.

  1. It's Cost-effective

There is very minimal groundwork preparation required before laying rubber chippings. This is a huge benefit for tight budgets that are trying to keep costs down. Crumbz Play are one of the most cost effective rubber chippings across the web.

  1. It Has a Range of Depths Available

By far the biggest advantage of Crumbz Play rubber chippings is that they are a recognised safety surface that complies with play regulations, including BS EN 1177. 

To find out how much you need visit our coverage calculator here 

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